The Obama Administration’s Darkest Day: Sandy Hook


I don’t say this as a republican. As far as democrats go, I like Obama. Generally speaking, I find him to be more sincere than most politicians, republican or democrat. However, how he and Biden have handled the Sandy Hook shooting is morally corrupt. In response to public outcry, they have supplied a quick and easy answer to a problem which is enormously complex and, even with vast resources, difficult to address.

The Sandy Hook shooting was carried out with an assault rifle. However, the shooter also carried two handguns. Between those two handguns, the shooter carried enough loaded rounds to have shot every victim without reloading. He didn’t need the assault rifle. The truth is, it was to his disadvantage. Its size put him at risk of being caught before ever being buzzed into the school. The advantage of a rifle isn’t the amount of rounds it carries or how fast it can shoot, in fact both shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. The advantage is accuracy at medium to long range. Unless you’re going to outlaw every semi-automatic hunting rifle, banning assault rifles is a publicity stunt.

When he was asked about banning assault rifles in the final debate of 2012, Obama had the right answer. He said that he didn’t think rifles were the problem. He said in Chicago they have a handgun problem and that is the type of gun issue that concerned him. That is, if you’re trying to combat gun violence.

Guns, however, are not what anyone driven to action by Sandy Hook should be shouting about. There are millions of firearms floating around this country and America is never going to outlaw them all. The idea that doing background checks for mental illness is progress should embarrass us. When you look at the shooter at every school shooting and every serial killer in history, they all have histories of mental illness.

The words to be shouted about, mentally ill, are mentioned in the news but not shouted. Mentally ill young to middle aged men going on shooting sprees is the visible part of the problem. The iceberg below the surface is the reason that Obama and Biden chose an assault rifle ban over real reform. Keeping kids and schools safer takes addressing a real problem that can’t be solved by a quick bit of legislation. Mental illness, depression, abusive households, and bullying all lead to serious mental issues that often lead to violence whether in the form of a massacre, domestic violence, or drug abuse that eventually leads to crime.

The truth is that twenty little kids are dead and barely a thing is being done to prevent the next tragedy whether it be another movie theater shooting range, campus killing spree, or elementary school execution of children. Go back in time two years and pass the assault rifle ban and Sandy Hook still happens but the shooter does it with two pistols and no rifle.

Make no mistake, this is Obama’s biggest failure. This is Biden’s failure. When the next shooting happens with a pistol, or hunting rifle, or explosive, those lives will be on them. When the news crews interview the people saying ‘there were signs’ and ‘it was obvious he was mentally ill’ and the news reports that he received no help or intervention… the guilt too, is our President’s and his right hand man’s.


One response to “The Obama Administration’s Darkest Day: Sandy Hook

  1. Great article; I fully agree. I also have written an article on the subject and mention Mark Ames’ book Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion: From Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond. More needs to be done to identify dangerous individuals and prevent further tragedies.


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