The Integration of Church and State


A few weeks ago I got my paycheck and it was less than usual. Government and its services aren’t free. I’m a republican because I believe that government should play a minimal role in society. Many people are like me, they want to keep more of the money they work for. They don’t want government trying to provide retirement plans, healthcare, and thousands of pages of new regulations every year. However, many of us believers in small government have a sense of being without a party that we can truly identify with. Unfortunately being republican doesn’t mean smaller government, what it means is a government imposing religious values while remaining economically uninvolved.

Let me make this clear, because I know there are millions like me. I hate taxes and don’t believe government programs to be competent at providing their promised services. Yet I will take higher taxes before taking away a women’s right to choose. I will take higher taxes before telling someone what sex they can or can’t marry. It’s not just about objecting to forcing women to give birth to an unwanted child. It’s not just about objecting to a government that thinks it can dictate what adults you can love and which you can’t. It’s about something bigger. It’s about fighting to keep religious values out of government entirely. It’s about preserving all freedoms that do not infringe upon the freedoms of others. Government has a few clear purposes:

1. To protect us from other countries
2. To protect us from each other
3. To protect us from companies
4. To provide basic, essential services (infrastructure)
5. Education, education, education

The Republican party also wants government to enforce religious values. This was made clear in our last election. Many of us wanted to oust Obama and bring in someone who would reduce spending and protect our paychecks whether they be high or low. We needed someone progressive like Obama, but with different business principals. The republican nomination, however, demanded someone with religious values who would input those values into our government. So we nominated someone with those values and then lost, because it was 2012 not 1900.

Progress means tearing control of the party from those who are trying to make their religious values into law. It means demanding party leaders who mean small government when they preach it. Small government means giving up control and not asserting your vision of what others should be onto all of society. Our next nominee’s most prominent concern should be to protect each citizens journey down the path of life, to infringe upon that journey as minimally as possible, and to keep others from infringing upon it.


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