What’s Cook Cooking?


Every tech blog out there is speculating on what we’ll see next from Apple. It could be a TV, a watch, or maybe a very stylish teleportation device. I’d like to take a moment to ask what do you think their next product should be?

I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to see:

1. A whole house home audio solution- Apple TV can already hook into your home theater and enable you to stream music and video directly to your TV. They may not have noticed but they are very close to being a multi-room home audio solution. They just need to add a feature allowing people to wirelessly control multiple apple TVs at once. Then you could put an Apple TV with your home theater, connect another to the speakers in your den, then put a Bluetooth Jambox in your kitchen, and a Jambox on the porch… And from your iPhone be able to play your music through all of them at once. Cleaning the house? From your phone, turn on pandora radio for every room with speakers in the house. Watching a movie in your living room but cooking dinner too? Turn the movie audio to play through your kitchen speaker. Today, you’d have to buy Sonos to do this. It costs hundreds of dollars and only does this one feature!

2. I can’t wait for Apple to make their desktops into touch screens. They were on to something when they started making trackpad gestures intuitive about seven years ago. I prefer an Apple trackpad over a mouse hands-down; I can pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll. I can tap instead of click. I love it. They were brilliant when they made the jam-packed plastic buttons obsolete and touch phones the standard. Personal laptops, which were once impressive portable machines, now collect dust as people reach for their iPads instead. Reaching out and touching what we’re working on is natural. I look forward to the day that I can sit at my desk and type away at an email and, when my calendar pops-up with a meeting warning, I want to reach out and tap or swipe it away instead of reaching for my mouse.

3. I want Siri to become my Jarvis. I want to pretend I’m Robert Downey Jr. I want to have witty back and fourths with a trusty sidekick. When I’m traveling for work and my plane lands in Vegas, I want my female Jarvis to soothingly greet me in my earbuds and welcome me back to earth. She’ll let me know that my favorite band is playing at a local venue tonight and ask if she should buy me a ticket. She’ll let me know, since I love Mexican food, that there’s a cantina two blocks from my hotel that people are raving about. I didn’t google it but she didn’t want me to miss it.

My morning shower or breakfast might now be opportunities for her to update me for my day. My best friend just posted an album from their vacation on Facebook, I should check it out. Two movies that I’d liked trailers for came out today, she’d be happy to buy tickets, I’m not doing anything tomorrow night. That news story I was following, they found the shooter and he confessed.

It sounds too futuristic but the iPhone wasn’t exactly a small innovation either.


Thoughts? Share them!

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