In 1997 Steve Jobs said “We’re Making Decisions”

There is a lot here, in this five minute response. He starts out talking about trying to build towards change and towards a cohesive strategy. He gives his view that “you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards toward the technology.” His team is “burning the midnight oil”, he says, to execute on the cohesive vision they have.

He goes on to explain that “some mistakes will be made along the way. That’s good. Because at least decisions are being made.” I think this is huge. If you look at Apple, they were a company that fell on their face more often than Google or Microsoft. But they committed to ideas that they knew people would love.

In the end, I think that the people who succeed are the ones who make hard decisions. They have big ideas and when they fail, they don’t less embarrassment stop them from being the “big idea guys.” You can’t create new markets or change entire industries if you can’t commit to your vision of how things should be. Both rapid growth and rapid change require lots of decisions.


This isn’t just a business principal either. This is a reflection of Steve Jobs. Businesses executing on big ideas are run by people individuals who are big on “making decisions” and I don’t just mean they are “doers.” They’re passionate about their visions and work relentlessly to create the product that know will affect change. They are committing to creating industry trends that don’t yet exist or to products that only exist in their minds.

I think when you look at the people who change the world, many spent their lives under fire until the day the world changed.



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