Where Great Stories Begin


A fictional interview brings to light the transformation that true passion brings to a passionless life:

A recently acclaimed author is being interviewed. The journalist asks the author:

“Only a year ago you quit your job in an office to write and now, here you sit. How does that feel?”

“You know, I wrote all throughout my childhood,” the author replies. “I wrote poetry, stories, everything. Then I went about growing up and left my hobby behind. Eight years waking up and going to work in an office everyday, doing nothing creative, creating nothing original… One night I picked up a pen and wrote a short story. That night was transcendent. Now I wake up and I write, I can’t go a day without writing. I live for the characters I write into existence and, when I’m not writing, I miss the worlds I’ve created.”

“How amazing,” the interviewer replies. “And your addiction to writing has worked out well for you, wouldn’t you say?”

The author pauses for a moment and softly responds, “I wouldn’t call it an addiction. I’ve had one or two of those in my life. One was alcohol. The other was routine and a salary. Everyday I indulged either, I felt worse. Work on weekdays, alcohol at night and on the weekends. I didn’t love them but couldn’t break off either.  I didn’t know what I was missing but everyday I felt guilt for something, for having settled I think. Writing isn’t an addiction because I feel no guilt when I stay awake writing until 3am. I don’t regret a day I’ve spent doing it. And it does not have a hold of me, I have a hold of it.”

“Ah, I see your point. Well, would you recommend to others what you did, quitting your job to pursue their passion?”

“You know what I found out, after eight years as a writer working in business? Passion brings the mind to life and when you stray from passion your mind is duller. Even if you’ve forgotten you how you loved it and you no longer reminisce, there is always the absence of that real, childish excitement which is the driver of creativity and invention. Those can’t be incentivized. If there was ever something that you loved, I think you doom yourself by straying from it. You see, the bad news about passion is that other endeavors become that much less vibrant and interesting and, in turn, demand that much less of you. The bad news about passion is that you’ll never be great at anything else. Good maybe, never great.”


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