An Old Fashioned Society, with Fancy Phones


As citizens, how active are we? Most of us watch the presidential debates every four years but how much do we know about those running for seats in the senate or congress? Once they are in office, how often do we keep tabs of what our state representatives have voted into law or voted against? And do we pay attention to charities and what they’re doing? Do we agree with how they’re spending donated funds and government grants?

I can keep up to date on what almost all of my friends are doing right now by logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet I don’t know what website I would go to to find out what my state senators voted on today. What website shows complete transparency, saying they voted on this energy policy and have received donations from these energy companies?

How am I supposed to expect Washington to care about what I care about if all I do is vote democrat or republican every couple years? Why aren’t we voting on specific issues and voting more often? Political extremists are surely writing letters but they don’t represent the public. We need a medium and process through which the general public is empowered to be heard more often than during election season.

With the level of technology we have, shouldn’t we have that louder voice by now? Imagine everyday when we logged onto our computers or phone and you could see political news but it was multi-directional. It would tell you what laws are being voted on in the senate and in congress and you could vote, right there, on what you support. That information would go straight to your representatives for them to see and act on.

We could see legislation on small businesses, tax loop holes, and immediately object or support it. We could click a remind button every day on the topics that matter to us and that would tell our representatives how many people are really concerned and voicing it. We could make a hotlist of the topics we care about most and that information too, would make it to Washington, so their is no grey area on where the public wants them to focus their efforts. The software would show you what your state representatives are doing about those issues, if anything.

We have dashboards for the weather, stocks, social media, and we check them daily. When it comes to the future of education, the economy, taxes, immigration, abortion, gay marriage, etc. we show up once every 2 to 4 years to vote. We think we’re part of a generation that is progressing rapidly. It’s not true. We’re part of a generation where silicon valley is progressing rapidly. The rest of the country is moving along as normal, which is to say very slowly. Changes in the school system, economy, immigration, these things move as slow as ever.


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