Facing the Firing Squad


When I first listened to Noah Gundersen’s live performance of “Ledges” I thought he was just being tacky as he introduced the song’s meaning by saying he had been trying to figure out what it means to be a good man. He said he thought it was a really interesting concept and had asked a lot of people he respected what being a “good man” really means. I shrugged off the comments.

Later, I realized that Noah’s music is great because it is full of sincerity and his struggle to decide who to be. He truly cares about the concept. So I listened with an  open mind and realized that he had nailed it. He says that being a good man is “to own the decisions you make. Not necessarily be proud of them, but to accept them”

I think it really is that simple. I think being a great man is about a whole lot more but being a good man about having a sense of responsibility.

Whether it’s robbing someone, scamming someone, or physically hurting someone, I don’t think embezzlers or career criminals ever do what they do without justifying it somehow. Turning away from responsibility allows them to continue. Good men face their actions, and inactions, and live with them. By doing that, you can almost ensure that you become a better person.

When you live with your actions, you learn the hard way, at some point, that you can’t take them back and can’t have a second chance to do better, so you care more about who you are and what you do because you forever carry the mistakes you wish you could take back or the things you should have done.

Not a complex thought, but it might help you make better sense of the world. There’s those who take responsibility for who they are and what they do, and those who don’t.


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