The Next Technical Leap Forward is Jarvis


Tech companies are blundering around, heads up their asses. In the three years since the iPad debuted in early 2010 we’ve seen the industry taking baby steps, refining existing technologies. we see phone makers dishing out variation after variation of the same simple, slim smartphone design. App companies are innovating while Apple, Microsoft, and Google get yawns at their annual keynotes. Apple keeps making everything a retina display, Microsoft released Windows 8, and Google is making some dorky glasses. Neither smart eye glasses or a smart watch will be revolutionary. At best, just nifty. I think the next technological revolution will be the desktop.

The desktop is our opportunity to become Tony Stark commanding his digital sidekick, named Jarvis, without ever typing a word. Stark speaks and gestures and Jarvis responds. I don’t think the power of this sort of innovation can be over estimated. Think of it:

  • A two finger pinch means zoom, but you never have to touch the screen
  • A five finger pinch means minimize
  • Say yes or no by shaking your head or speaking it, that’s huge
  • A flick of the finger means send
  • News articles auto scroll as your eyes get to the bottom of the screen
  • Gestures to open and close windows, to switch between windows, and even point without touching
  • Verbally respond and rate videos. “That was awesome” means ‘like’. So does a thumbs up gesture.
  • Verbally respond and rate videos. “That was awesome” means ‘like’. So does a thumbs up gesture.


There has to be a command for everything you do often, including checking email, checking your calendar, news (it knows your favorite source), your YouTube feed, syncing your phone, music player control, google searches, etc, etc, etc

Microsoft’s Kinect allows you to stand in the middle of your living room and play a video game with just body movements. I want to interact without standing in the middle of my room though. You don’t need to replace my keyboard or take away my gaming controller, the future is in the hybrid model. Let me use my gaming controller and gestures or my keyboard and gestures. When it comes to gaming, do engineers think I’m going to stand up and pretend to hold a gun? I’m not. But I will sit, use my gaming controller, and fake an overhand throw to throw a grenade. I will lean to the side to dodge a punch. That idea will gain traction for the same reason the iPhone did. It’s intuitive, it feels natural.

To command Siri on your phone, you have to hold down the home button for two seconds. That delay makes it unnatural. Even worse, it can make it impractical. It is only an effective option for longer commands.


The Xbox One might send Siri back to school. Microsoft, for once, may beat Apple at something. Xbox One may respond to gestures as you sit on your couch. You won’t have to hit a button and wait two seconds before you make the gesture, you can just gesture and watch the console respond! Rumor has hit tht you’ll be able to navigate menus by pointing.

The iPhone is cool and great to fiddle with. This though, making working on a computer more interactive… that’s fun. Whether surfing the web, editing a photo and posting it to Instagram, or playing a game, everything may soon be a lot more fun to do.

Another guy wrote a similar article on this, check it out:


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