Creativity is PR

googleLabsDon’t just have creative PR, have your PR be creativity itself.

Look where indirectly advertising  “we’re creative” got companies like Google and Apple. Both companies get an enormous amount of consumer loyalty just for being creative. In Google’s case, most of their creativity fails. Most Google Labs projects are flops. Google+ is a joke. Still, Google is vibrant and playful and tries new ideas. People like that. Those ideas, failed or not, still get them press.

So let me repeat this. You should definitely try to have creative advertising but you should also consider doing some creative things because creative ventures are, in them-self, a powerful form of advertising.

Here’s an example:

Smart phones are a hard market to differentiate in. Most smart phones are thin, lightweight, and simplistic. I wrote a post called “Great Carpenters Don’t Use Particle Board” and it explored the idea that using hardware materials to differentiate is important. So lets take that idea and expand it.

The thin, sleek, minimalist design is almost universally liked, hence the large supply of phones that fit that description. So how should a company get people to take notice of their new, thin, sleek, minimalist phone? I think they should launch some crazy ass phones that get a lot of press.

By designing really funky, weird phones, the company gets talked about. Get these funky phones into Best Buy Mobile stores and make sure they are all together. Samsung is best positioned for this since they now have a Samsung Experience shop in many Best Buy stores. The problem is that it is a really, really boring store in my opinion. They just have a bunch of Galaxy phones and different tablets that all look the same. To the laymen, every device in that store operates in the same way as any other Smartphone or tablet.

samsung-best-buy-micro-store**If you’re curious what those funky phone might be, check out this post.

Best Buy is a store for electronics junkies to tinker around in and it is a store for the average Joe to get their phone. Put a new line-up of weird, but cool, phones on a shelf and people will check them out. People hear about this new line-up of Smartphones that are unlike anything else on the market. The brand image is becoming “innovative, creative, and original” even if no one is buying the phones. People now like going over to that shelf of phones because they want to know what’s new and they expect that shelf to have it. They may not buy the funky phones but now if you are going to get a thin, sleek, minimalist phone and they all seem to look the same… wouldn’t you buy it from the most innovative phone manufacturer out there? Sales go up on your regular Smartphone without advertising it once.

Creativity, in itself, is PR… it may even be the best kind of PR.


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