Great TED Talks: Our Loss of Wisdom

Barry Schwartz talks about the loss of wisdom. He starts out talking about a few janitors who aren’t afraid to deviate from the rules. He begins by giving a few examples:

  • A janitor who decides to not vacuum a waiting room where a family is sleeping because they’ve been waiting all day and night to be their for a loved one.
  • Another janitor who decides not to wash the floors in one hallway where an old, recovering man keeps trying to walk.

He talks about how brilliance, by itself, isn’t enough. You need to have common sense. Millions of people relying on “following a procedure” gets people in trouble. People get lazy and the cite rules as reasons to not do something. The excess of rules doesn’t just cause a mediocre society, it causes mediocre people! Something goes wrong and so we write another rule. More rules, more rules, more rules. More people governed by rules, citing rules instead of making decisions.

I LOVE THIS TALK. Please watch it and share your thoughts! If you’ve seen it, what do you think?


One response to “Great TED Talks: Our Loss of Wisdom

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