Big Problems Call for Young Hot Heads

Dan Pallota explains that what we expect from non-profits… what we demand from non-profits… is causing them to fail. He explains that charitable giving has been stuck at 2% of GDP since the 197os. The problem he points out is that non-profits are castrated whenever their overhead gets too high. So to keep overhead low, they almost never advertise. To keep fixed costs down, they don’t offer great salaries. Not to new recruits and not to CEOs. The result is an industry that isn’t competing for the nation’s top talent.

The non-profit sector is waiting and hoping, that in the good of their hearts, executives will decide to drop their successful careers and decide to do charity work. It is waiting and hoping that when kids graduate from good colleges, high honors, and 75k/year job offers, they will turn down those offers for 30k a year to do charity work.

This guy’s got a lot of good stuff to say. Trust me, if you don’t know me yet, I promise you I don’t often hold much respect for people. I turn off most TED talks just a few minutes in. Everyone gets there 10 minutes on stage and thinks their the most brilliant person alive. They talk slow, pausing between each word for dramatic effect. I generally want to puke. This guy’s got a brain and some really interesting points. Please let me know what you think.


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