Like Google Glass for Jocks: Say Hello to Recon Jet

I’m filing this one under cool tech.


I’m no stranger to Recon products. You may recall the time I defied death at 45 miles-per-hour while wearing Recon’s Android-infused ski goggles. Well, the company is back with an offering for the summertime crowd.

Called the Recon Jet, the $500 apparatus resembles something like Google Glass except that the screen sits slightly below the wearer’s line of sight instead of above it, and the whole kit is mounted on a pair of sporty-looking polarized sunglasses.


The system interfaces with your iPhone or Android handset to leverage various phone functions and apps (calls, text messages, weather, navigation, social media and the like) while relaying your speed, elevation, distance traveled and more. You can link the Jet to wearable fitness gadgets to keep track of things like your heartrate, though Recon hasn’t made the list of compatible devices available yet. And just like the Recon ski goggles, you can…

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