Search for Live Music, In a Way That Makes Sense


How people search for live music in cities has just changed forever. just revolutionized how people search for live music in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and DC. Go to the site, pick your city, and it starts playing a music video of a local band playing in that city.


Like what you hear? Just look to the bottom left and you can see where they are playing, at what time, and can skip to getting yourself some tickets. From the music video you can also share the show or go to the show calendar. Don’t like what you’re hearing? Skip to the next video.


You can tell the guys and gals at Preamp are favoring artists that have well edited videos. Most of the videos are high definition and  the website is full screen. The videos fill up every inch of your screen. The Preamp team is trying to let you really experience the band so you when you get to a video you like, you really get immersed in it and feel compelled to buy tickets and go to the show.




The interesting thing is that if this type of live music search takes off, you’ll start seeing a lot of local bands making high quality videos. If it means the difference between selling out a show or not, they’ll put in the effort. Whether they’ll make music videos or HD videos of live shows is hard to say. I imagine it would be more HD videos of live shows since that will give people a real idea of how the band performs live.

The team is definitely one of the most creative little shops I’ve seen, in recent memory. I love this stuff. To be honest, I spend so much time pissed at people doing a half-assed job that this kind of thing gets me really excited.

I keep talking about this in my posts but creativity truly is figuring out exactly what’s at the heart and very essence of your niche, then you can skip all the bs, boil it down to a simple product, and get out of the way. What else could be more at the heart of a person’s search for live music than a service that provides big, beautiful videos of the artists playing live tonight in the city you’re in?


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