Jarvis is Coming

A while ago I wrote a post on how Apple, Microsoft, and Google were all blundering around like idiots. For being the leaders of the tech world and for having billions and billions of dollars at their disposal, they just aren’t doing much. I stated that I thought the next technological revolution was going to be to introduce technology that makes touch technology obsolete. It will start with the introduction of motion sensing tech. You will sit in front of your computer and motion to it. When you have to enter yes or no, you will shake your head yes or no. To delete something will be a “crumple and toss” motion. It won’t just be the functionality of it, it will be how fun and cool it will be. I would literally try to name the technology Jarvis if I were them. Problem is, they’re going to have to rename it.

It turns out a company has built the tech. I am 100% sure that they’ll be acquired by one of the big tech giants soon. So if you want a glimpse of the future, here it is:

play2 playzoomdraw


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