Do the Same Thing, Except Creatively


You might feel like it is 2013 and a lot of what can be done has been done. It has. But it hasn’t been done very well. A lot what’s out there just isn’t done very well. A lot of people thought Yahoo was the search engine, because it was… until it wasn’t. Google caught on like wild fire. A lot of people thought the iPhone was unbeatable, but the combination of Google’s Android platform and Samsung’s galaxy has captured a large portion of the market. Check out these cool innovations:

  • How a device stand that replaced all the ugly options with something simple and clean. Link
  • A site that redefines how we find local live music. Link
  • Two apps that made their predecessors look like 1950’s tech. Link
  • How a woman brought a refreshing new kind of beauty to art. Link

I’m going to use this post as an excuse to share some creatively that I really enjoy.  Dancing isn’t anything new. People have been doing it for quite a long time. With the onset of music videos, we’ve seen even more of it. From Vanilla Ice, to TLC, Usher, Britney, and now Bieber. When “America’s Best Dance Crew” came out a lot of the dances were nothing special. Then came the Jabbawockeez:


They were amazing. They were new and their dances were fun and unique.

  • They all wear the same masks and outfits so they will be view as one
  • All except one often stop dancing and point or look at the one still dancing, to elevate what that person is doing
  • They use skits or themes to make their dances more interesting

If you are curious why they bring in some N’Sync moves and then point towards the audience, it’s because JC (from N’Sync) is one of the judges.


I figure, if they can be this new and unique doing something that has been being done for centuries… well, there’s probably a lot of better ways to do a lot of things.

Here are a bunch of their other performances:

This is their week 1 performance. They pretty much get better week by week (dance starts 1 min 50 sec in):


This is week 3:


This is their week 4 performance, where the stage had props:


This is a Michael Jackson tribute they did on week 5:


Week 7, “Red Pill”:



Thoughts? Share them!

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