A new analytics blog: ‘Boil, Salt, & Serve’

The content on ‘Pause for Clarity’ was too scattered. I was trying to blog about everything I love in one place:

  • Creative things
  • Inspiring things
  • Reflective things
  • Analytical things

That’s just too broad for one blog. My solution:

  1. ‘Pause for Clarity’ will continue to be where I blog about
    • Reflections on education, politics, etc
    • Inspirational things: Great TED talks and other inspirational videos
  2. I will soon be starting a blog for creative thoughts and inspiration
  3. I have started a blog for analytics and published my first post today!
    • The blog is called ‘Boil, Salt, & Serve’ (www.boilsaltandserve.com)
    • I’m will be focusing on the analytics of wars, websites, and other real world analytical applications
    • I will also analyze what makes good communication, whether it be a report, email, website, etc.
    • Hope to see you there



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