People are Awesome: Don’t Let Them Stifle Us


YouTube, Vine, Vimeo. These services, and services like them, gave the public to produce their own entertainment. We are the producers. We are the consumers. The service is a middleman, nothing more. The result? Amazing musicians, hilarious comedies, uncovered talents, and even new forms of news.


Shows like American Idol, The Sing Off, and America’s Best Dance Crew all achieved success solely by putting the public on stage to amaze the rest of us. The experience of uncovering people who have unbelievable gifts has captivated viewers worldwide.


Netflix, Hulu, and AmazonPrime take control from huge corporations like TimeWarner and Comcast. They take that power, turn around, and hand it to the public. They say “Here you go! Watch what you want, when you want, how you want.” iTunes and Amazon add to that. “Watch what you want, pay for just that, and nothing else.”

we just took the first step back, into control

Yesterday the courts struck down ‘Net Neautrality’… literally. It is now legal for corporations like TimeWarner and Verizon to block or slow any particular service you subscribe to. They can block services like YouTube and Netflix. Or they can slow them down to be one hundred times slower. The idea is that some services are ‘high bandwidth’ so they can slow down the network. What’s odd is that there is no wide spread problem to solve. Do you know a lot of people who have had frequent slow or interrupted network connections? I know people who work for Comcast and they say Comcast internet services are their bread and butter for profits. This sounds crazy, right? It is. If you want details, here is an article written by a bloggerΒ news channel. Although, by now TimeWarner cable may have decided that news blogs are slowing down the network (and competing with TimeWarner news companies) and may have decided to slow down blogs to dial-up speeds. So good luck.

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