Drunks Get a Bad Wrap

Last week I was at a conference. The woman teaching it was talking about hiring decisions and how Facebook pictures can give employers a reason to rule you out. She used a real life example of a person she knew who was passed over for having party pictures on their Facebook page. She posed the question, as though it were rhetorical:

“All things equal, who would you rather hire, the person with Facebook photos of them on a picnic or the person with photos of them partying?”

She obviously thought everyone should agree that it’s a no brainer, you hire the applicant with the picnic pictures! Without a moments hesitation, I knew I’d hire the party-pics candidate.

I have an aversion to boring people. I don’t trust them. It’s hard to imagine they’ve built up any character if they never did anything wrong in their life. And it’s also hard to know anything about the world without them getting out and throwing themselves in the mix. The truth is, people drink and have sex and drive over the speed limit.  Lots of people smoke weed. Lots of people have made lots of mistakes. People are human. Ultimately, I think the most effective people are people-people. If I need to hire a manager or marketer or engineer, I’ll always choose the party-pic candidate over the button-up picnic candidate.

Given that preference, I just saw this and felt the need to write this post:



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