Does the Future Have Managers?

If companies are really hiring the best talent, why do those people need to be managed? Can’t smart, secure/confident people passionately work on products without being told what to do? Lots of companies say yes, managers are not necessary and might even inhibit productivity and creativity:


Valve: Valve is the creator of Steam, a platform that distributes thousands of games to over 50 million customers. It has also created famous games like Half Life and Counter Strike.

Well, you need the right people. Instead of looking for the cheapest people to do a job, we sort of joke that we look for the most expensive. Take someone like Jeremy Bennett, who was working in the film industry on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong—he was something like the fourth person on the credits to King Kong—and who’s insanely good at what he does. If we put him at Valve, we’ve taken away studio overhead, he doesn’t have to go to meetings anymore, there’s no PR agency to sit between him and our customers. We’ll be more efficient at taking advantage of his skills.


Treehouse: This company offers online courses that teach web design, coding, etc.

“Since switching to the no-manager structure, Treehouse co-founder Ryan Carson says he gets less than 20 emails a day and believes worker morale has skyrocketed.”


Medium: Medium is a new blogging website that competes with Tumblr and WordPress. It was started by Ev Williams and Jason Stirman (above), two of the key minds behind Twitter.

“Medium is experimenting with a completely management-free environment that’s laser focused on getting things done. Stirman couldn’t be more thrilled with the results: the freedom, the momentum, the productivity are all unparalleled.”


Zappos: The online shoe behemoth, with free returns with paid shipping that encourages people to buy more shoes!

“One of the core principles is people taking personal accountability for their work. It’s not leaderless. There are certainly people who hold a bigger scope of purpose for the organization than others. What it does do is distribute leadership into each role. Everybody is expected to lead and be an entrepreneur in their own roles, and Holacracy empowers them to do so.”



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