Amazing Family Acapella

Noah Gundersen is my favorite artist. By a mile. He’s got a bit of the folksy “Mumford and Sons” feel, with a bit of gospel acapella mixed in. He generally performs with at least his sister Abby Gundersen. When I saw him in May his brother Ivan (also in this video) was on the drums. Gundersen is from Seattle. The above video was filmed in Stone Gossard’s studio (Pearl Jam lead guitarist). Since Pearl Jam also has Seattle roots, my guess is Gossard is also a Gundersen fan.

I’m starting to realize that when I want to find new music, I should just check out the newest bands in Seattle. That’s where Mackelmore is from. As well as the new electronic music coming out under the name Odezsa, which is actually two guys from Seattle .


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