Mislabeled as a Popstar: An Amazing Musician

A Tragically Mislabeled Musician

When John Mayer was big, he was about as big as big gets. Songs like “Daughters” were on the radio non-stop and plenty of teenage girls had crushes on the young star. The radio songs don’t tell the whole story though. If you love great music and you haven’t listened to John Mayer live, you don’t know what you’re missing. I saw him in concert a half dozen times and am certain that he is both a true music lover and an amazing guitarist. I recall him talking about SRV like the guy was his personal god.

My Love for Great Guitarists

I grew up listening to great guitar. My Dad always played blues music in the car so I grew up listening to Muddy Waters, Walter Trout, John Lee Hooker, and a dozen other great blues guys. My brother played guitar for a rock band and so I listened to my far share of great modern rock guitarists like Coheed and Cambria and Jimmy Eat World.  I’m no professional critic, but if you love good music then you need to at least listen to this one live performance:


If You Want More…

There’s probably endless videos of John Mayer jamming live. His album “John Mayer Trio” has some good stuff…


But it hardly touches some of his best live jams. My favorites are when he weaves huge jams into old songs. When he gets on stage and you get this feeling that he’s off the routine and just having fun, just jamming, it’s hard to label him a pop star.

Guitar festival performance:

Playing with B.B. King:

Funny version of “No Such Thing” with different lyrics (audio only):

Voodoo Child Cover:




2 responses to “Mislabeled as a Popstar: An Amazing Musician

  1. He definitely rocks!!! And he is also pretty funny too in several things he did with Kanye West and Dave Chapelle


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