Techno Amaze

Techno has huge variations in style and the ambience it creates. I would categorize lots of techno as feeling ‘intense’. More often than not, I want the opposite. When hanging out at home or taking a long drive, I want something awesome but relaxed. In the past year, I’ve found three absolutely amazing artists that fit the bill:


This Danish girl has skills. She doesn’t have as many songs that I love as Odesza and Pretty Lights, but the ones I do like I may like more. It’s also nice to see some variation in the space by having a female artist and, to make it even better, she brings the piano into a lot of her songs, which I love. I think her music also has more variation between songs, which is a big deal in the electronic genre:



This Seattle duo are amazing in a ‘download their entire album, listen to every song, then go buy their other albums’ kind of way. Their 2013 album “My Friend’s Never Die” has five songs that are now on to my all time favorite songs list; they are just that chill/beautiful/original. Their earlier 2012 album “Summer’s Gone” isn’t quite as good but is absolutely worth buying and listening to every last track. Between those two albums, it’s fair to say they’ve got a following:


This September they are coming out with “In Return” and I think it will be their break out album. In their home territory they already have a cult following but this September release may just put them on the map on a national level.

From “My Friend’s Never Die”:

Two pre-released songs from the upcoming album “In Return”:


Pretty Lights

‘Pretty Lights’ is actually a guy named Derek Vincent Smith. His album “A Color Map of the Sun” has a half dozen songs that I love. He also put out a remix album that is amazing and worth downloading the entire album. He went to The University of Colorado at Boulder but dropped out to focus on his music. We can add him to the long list of drop outs who do amazing things:

This one is awesome. It is his remix of a Odesza’s “One Day at a Time”:


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