If You Love Snow & a Roaring Wood Stove…

I love cabins. I love pretty much everything associated with cabins. Being surrounded by nature, the sound of the wind, the renewed meaning of shelter, hiking… cabin life is intrinsically a romantic idea to me. If you love cabins, here’s a few things you might want to do:

Follow These Cabin Instagram-ers

Cabinlife_Alaska– This guy is living the life and churning out amazing pictures of Alaska while he’s at it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 4.36.35 PM


CabinLove– These posts are a bit more oriented towards cabin than just nature and scenery. There are some pretty amazing shots.


Subscrube to the CabinPorn.com Blog

Cabin porn has some amazing shots and some amazing stories. The image below is of a guy who built his cabin from 2x4s and drift wood. He used the walls of a small crevasse as the foundation and built this cozy little home.







Cabin Porn is definitely the most well known of all the cabin sources I am listing. But, it is well known for good reason! Check out some of these amazing shots!




This is an Awesome Tumblr Blog

Rustic cabins is another site similar to “CabinPorn.com”, so if you couldn’t get your fix with the first site, keep going with this one. tumblr_mztb6uRCLe1r536vzo1_1280


Tiny & Mobile. Drive Into the Wild!

This documentary is called “Tiny“. It’s about living in small homes than are generally only a couple hundred square feet.


Many are mobile and the owners often choose to build or “plant” their home in a beautiful area. You can watch it for free on Netflix!


Here’s a free video you can watch on YouTube about Tiny homes

In a way, tiny homes may be the answer for a lot of people who love the quaint cabin life. I could never live in a cabin full time because of the solitude that accompanies living out in the wild. Having a small home, constructed with wood, with a warm feel, and a tiny stove warming the space… that can also be moved back into society… it’s not the worst compromise. It can be tricky to find happiness without a sense of community.

On CabinPorn.com, accompanying a picture of a tiny home made from abandoned windows, I found a story about a group of people living in tiny homes as a community:


Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.15.46 PM

Denmark is a country that is fairly socialist. People in Denmark tend to view and approach community differently. The country houses many communities that are communal. In them, there is one kitchen where everyone cooks a communal dinner and people take turns cooking and cleaning. There are communal sitting areas and play areas for kids. There are communal gardens.

I think there’s something too that idea of living in a small home, a bigger community, and a bit closer to nature. The world is headed in the opposite direction, with a higher percentage of people now living in cities… but it’s still something to consider.

It’s worth remembering that most people feel something when walking on soil and dirt through the woods… much more than we do when our feet are on concrete. And we feel something when by the heat of a fire… much more than when by the heat of an electric radiator. And the sound of wind through the treetops can be more soothing than any therapy or spa can. And maybe the sound of car horns and accelerating engines is a little more stressful than we admit.


Thoughts? Share them!

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