The Importantance of Word Choice

Note to self: Choose words carefully as they describe, and can even create, reality.

Remember that to lazily and sloppily choose words means that you do not force yourself to more clearly describe and thereby understand situations. Do not be lazy. You will misunderstand or even distort.

She is being lazy

This is an easy way to explain something. It is lazy. Why do people not apply themselves?

She is tired.

She is intimidated by the task.

She feels she is unfairly paid.

If you disagree with a person slacking off for these reasons, that is fine. But it is not fine to simply file the situation as “she is being lazy.”

A long time ago I realized every little decision matters. In the trees it can be hard to tell which decisions are inconsequential. I realized this and decided I must put effort and thought into every decision about who to spend time with, what to spend time doing, what to read, what to play, etc.

Now I realize not only does every decision matter, every word matters.



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