Karmin: Rise to Fame


Three years ago, in 2011, Karmin came out with “Look at Me Now”. It was a refreshing divergence in cover music. By 2011 YouTube had been bombarded by  low quality acoustic covers. Karmin’s fast pace, female rapping style was unique. It went viral and has 93,138,428 hits as of today.

It was a rise to fame that I’ve watched since they first popped on the map. Karmin is actually the name of the duo. They are a couple and they recently got married. Their names are Amy and Nick. Amy is from Nebraska and Nick is from Maine. They both went to Berklee College of Music, which is where Karmin came to be.

After putting out “Look at Me Now”, they decided to keep going and prove that they weren’t one of those viral YouTube artists to fade into obscurity. A few months later they put out a “Super Bass” cover which is my all time favorite Karmin song. Another 20 million hits. As they went into 2012, they had well over 100,000,000 total views.



They kept putting out videos and in 2012 they released the equally as good “6 Foot, 7 Foot” video. Another classic to be remembered for.

Within about a year they had three absolutely killer covers. In my opinion, at that point they’d proven they weren’t going anywhere. They intended to make a name for themselves. 

This is also right about when L.A. Reid decided that they were talented and signed them to Epic Records. With the label’s help, their next video, “Broken Hearted“, had substantially better production quality and put another 20 million hits in the bag. That was followed by “Hello” in late 2012, for another 16 million hits.  Going into 2013 they were around 200,000,000 total views.



Then in 2013, they decided it was time to put out a video that showed they weren’t just YouTubers anymore. In 2013 they put out “Acapella” and the video quality looked like something you’d see by the artists they used to cover:

Why they slowed down in 2013 and only put out one video, I do not know.



In 2014 Karmin has parted ways with Epic records but started putting out new videos at a faster pace again.

Sugar – 500,000 views

No Flex Zone– 650,000 views

I Want it All– 3,200,000 views

Yesterday– 123,000 views


What Now?

Now comes the question, what now? They went viral and then produced a handful of incredibly popular videos. They got signed and put out another handful of incredibly popular videos. They played with The Roots. They were interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and performed on news shows. They made their fame last three years.

They proved that if a YouTube artist is talented and hard working, they can be more than a video in cyberspace. But what happens when the momentum slows? Can talented, creative artists become enduring artists?


Thoughts? Share them!

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