Video of a Looping, Acapella Chick

Acapella and folk music have been the center of my musical obsessions over the past five years. Folk I’ve posted about folk plenty lately, so this post is on an amazing Acapella artist.


Kawehi: Mixing It Up

Year after year Acapella becomes more mainstream. I’m loving every second of its moment in the spotlight. Thanks to the Phillip DeFranco show, I just found my newest Acapella fix. In her new video this chick, Kawehi, went without backup singers and just loops all the instruments:

According to DeFranco’s SourceFed channel, Kawehi got started by creating a video to show her talents, then starting a KickStarter campaign asking for support so she could create more. The above video is a result of that campaign.

She’s got quite a few cool videos, not all are Acapella but most have looping. The below video  was apparently made for Esquire magazine after they did a piece on her.


Her most popular video to date:

She hasn’t gone viral yet, but hopefully she’ll keep getting traction and putting out videos.


More Acapella

Street Corner Symphony

Home Free


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