Christopher Nolan

Is This the Best We Can Do?

There’s a lot to complain about in our world: crime, civil rights, stupidity, or just plain rudeness. Society can be discouraging. For the US, I think the opening episode of Newsroom was a reflection of how many people feel; as Americans we have achieved a great deal and yet so much feels broken.

Ambition is plentiful in America. Our nation has written countless articles on “thinking outside the box” but we have far fewer pioneers than articles about being creative. My medicine to the aggravation is to be mindful that great minds do exist within our generation. Unfortunately the most impressive people I know of are not law makers or peace keepers. But still, holding greatness in my thoughts keeps me hopeful.

My personal giants include Elon Musk, who is likely the greatest pioneer of our generation, and Warren Buffett whose perspectives on business could transform America if only more businessmen had his business intelligence. I’m now adding another name to my list of giants. It is an unlikely name that would seem out of place but, like Elon Musk, he dreams bigger than others. Few things are more essential to progress than people with big dreams and the intensity to chase them.


Christopher Nolan


Most movies engage our eyes and ears to keep us entertained. Great movies engage our emotions and make us feel. Nolan’s movies engage our brains.


Memento, released in 2001 as one of his earliest films, followed the life of a man with no short term memory but who everyday searched for his wife’s killer and tattooed new clues on to his body. Nolan directed the movie and wrote the screenplay.


More recently, “Inception” asked viewers to imagine a world lived in dreams and layers of dreams. His world was powerful and thought provoking. It was a new level of cinema for which Nolan both directed the movie and wrote the screenplay.

Interstellar astronauts explore new planet

His most recent movie, “Interstellar”, is the best movie I have ever seen. Space, which so many of us share a fascination in, again became the “final frontier”, as Nolan reminds us that we are pioneers and that our future lies above us. Again, he directed the movie and wrote the screenplay (this time with help from his brother Jonathan Nolan).

In a world filled with aggravating stupidity, it is hard not to fall in love with a man who brings such brilliant leaps of thought into our entertainment. In a world plagued by boredom, if every film were as inspiring we might have a generation of dreamers and pioneers instead of content consumers.


Other Giants of Thought in our Generation


Elon Musk



Warren Buffett


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