Dopes, Dopes, Dopes

To whomever created the company “6 Hour Power”, you are a team of dopes.

6 hour


Given that the product only has 32 reviews, I assume the “6 Hour Power” team may be aware that copying five hour energy shots and, adding an hour, was hardly a brilliant business idea.

5 hour

Hopefully they’ve even now realized that five hour energy didn’t gain success just for its five hours of energy. It was intensely branded as a “no crash” energy drink.


Maybe the guys over at 7 hour energy were so successful, with 11 total Amazon reviews, that the soon to be “6 Hour Power” team were sitting on the couch and thought “how could it go wrong!?”

7 Hour Energy

I mean, it’s only logical to fill the market gap and start “6 Hour Power”!!

I’ve read a lot of books written by famous entrepreneurs and I think there’s a consensus to “not try to start a business that is just incrementally better than what already exists”. Oddly, this point was best covered in the movie “Something About Mary” when Ben Stiller picks up a homeless guy with an idea that’s going to blow the “8 Minute Ab” video franchise out of the water with “7 Minute Abs”.



Here’s a Better Market Positioning Strategy

A good market position recognizes that the energy drink market is crowded:

  • If I want an energy boost in the morning, I’ll likely go to the market leading product “coffee”
  • Mid-day I’ll likely opt for a “Red Bull”
  • If I have an afternoon project to knock out, I might go for a 5-hour energy shot
  • If I want to stay up all night playing video games I might get a big can of Rockstar or Monster

Look how quickly we can realize that energy drinks are a very crowded market!

But what about when I’m fading at 7 or 8pm at night and I simply want a few more productive hours and then to go to sleep? Where’s the energy drink company branded to serve that large, distinct market position?


“Get a Two Hour Boost, Then Crash and Sleep Like a Baby!!”

How many people say they can’t have coffee past 2 or 3 in the afternoon because it will keep them up? They certainly wouldn’t dare touch a cup of coffee after dinner. And no one with hopes of going to bed at a reasonable hour is chugging a Red Bull at 9pm!

Yet, plenty of people are tired at 7pm and want to squeeze two or three more productive hours out of their day. I’m just saying…………… some people are dopes.


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