The Golden Masses



Golden Strands Bow to a Steady Wind

In NH we have the slogan “Live Free or Die”. My country, which I still love, is obsessed with defining itself as the land of the free. However, the news keeps talking about the house having the “least productive congress in history”:



How does the news define whether congress is being productive? Like this:

Just 142 public bills have become law in this current Congress (2013-2014) – down from the 906 the 80th “Do-Nothing” Congress passed in 1947-48, and the 333 that were enacted during the Newt Gingrich-led 104th Congress of 1995-96.


Why Are We Born Bendable?

In the “land of the free” we quietly build a government monstrosity that over estimates it’s ability to provide for society and, as a result, desires more control and power than it ought to have. Congress focuses on passing laws and even our news giants judge how productive the government is by the quantity of new laws and regulations.

Why is the expectation that we will be happier with more barriers to hurdle and more insurmountable walls to shadow over us. How odd that our news sources do not see that productivity is measured by the health of our society, not by a count of laws passed. We are a society which at the same time claims to cherish freedom and demands a smaller box to live in.


We Still Dream of the Unlikely

If it was demanded, years of reform and revocation could lead to a better America. I think the sentiment is best described in a phrase used by many great men, including Benjamin Franklin:

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

This applies to almost all things, all systems, all governments, all organizations. Quantity does not show quality. Rules replace common sense and have an odd long term effect: fear. People get used to rules, even if they are oppressive. They get used to the box and become afraid of the free world they once knew how to navigate.

The gradual familiarity with a more boxed-in society is a dangerous thing which weighs on every American.  Human nature is to endure oppression while it it still endurable. We are made to bend. But we do not break and we still dream of the unlikely.


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