Creativity In an iOS Game

This emotions this game evokes are the reason I started years ago. I needed a place to rant when I encountered something that excited me in some way.

“A Dark Room” is creativity at its absolute best. I never played MineCraft, but always admired how a simple game (with terrible graphics) outsold million dollar developer projects. “A Dark Room” is a hit success and doesn’t even have graphics.

From the opening scene, you can do nothing but click a button that stokes a fire. You have to wait another 15 second before you can do a single thing.


The narrative is told one sentence at a time and reacts to your decisions. It flashes up for only a second:

“a creature stirs in the woods”
“she looks at you, hatred in her eyes”

The story is powerful and the world, which exists only in your imagination, is detailed and mysterious. Games like this are what keep my love for video games alive.


Link to iTunes Store:
A Dark Room by Amirali Rajan


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