Jump from A Helicopter or Ride a Wrecking Ball Naked

This girl is doing more for the image of women than any feminist or politician ever could. I think that this skier, by simply skiing insane lines, is paving the way for women. And I don’t think anyone was standing in her way.

No one is boycotting women’s sports or products or power positions. The spotlight is there to be taken by anyone who wants it. The pay is there for anyone willing to negotiate for it. The marketshare is there for any women entrepreneur who wants to grab it.

The problem is with feminists campaigning for laws, like they need help. Respect is earned because while people are busy asking for it, others are taking it. Simply go and get it. Go prove it. Go be the first or the best. The world will watch.

Below is Angel Collinson ripping some of the craziest lines in Alaska and taking the spotlight in an industry where the people jumping from helicopters are usually men.

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Pick the Right Fight, You’ll Get The Right Results

I’ve traveled a lot and seen people in hard circumstances. When I hear privileged American women complaining that they’re disadvantaged, it makes me a bit sick. Whatever small inequality is left, quit raising hell about it and fix it yourselves!! Quit teaching the next generation to use laws to fix everything.

When I see Obama campaigning for equal gender pay laws, it’s hard not to be upset. He’s inferring that American business women can’t negotiate their own wages. On a world stage, that’s a really embarrassing thing to infer. And if its true, it raises the question “how is it that they deserve the damn raise?”

Equal pay laws are pushed by “feel good” politicians who want to look morally superior. Yet, they’re being condescending because if they need a law it’s because they can’t do it on their own. But women can provide value and can then use that value to negotiate for their own pay. They don’t need laws, just a little more time.

I’m not saying it’s a fair playing field. There’s no such thing. Ask an elderly Jew what it was like for them forty or fifty years ago in America. Not a fair field. But it took about one generation for the upper ranks of society to be full of successful Jewish businesses, politicians, lawyers, financiers, actors, producers, and other professionals. Had they spent those decades campaigning in the streets and in politics, they’d be nowhere near as successful.

The Next Generation

One of the things I learned from living in Asia for a year was that it is all about the next generation. I have a lot of young female cousins and it is my deepest hope that none ever look to government to settle an inequality they face. I hope that they won’t be saturated by the petty bullshit “women leaders” are fighting for today.

The female art director at Facebook changing Facebook’s friend logo to have the woman in front of the man:


Ellen Pao sued because men didn’t include her in after work beers, card games, or outings and she said that was gender discrimination:

Complaints over the number of lead roles women have in movies:

Have Female Characters Really Progressed Since Back to the Future II?


The issue of gender inequality in Hollywood has been one of the hottest topics recently, ignited even more so by Jennifer Lawrence’s recent letter addressing the wage gap between men and women in Hollywood. Read more

But I don’t really understand all this because even in her letter she admits she didn’t fight for it as hard as the men:

It was revealed that Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner also earned more than Lawrence, who stated that where her male co-stars fought for a pay increase, she avoided doing so, concerned about coming across negatively and wanting to be liked.

Why write the damn letter if you were the problem? Next fight, fight harder. Done.

And as for Government, well one of the highest grossing pop artists of all time is Lady Gaga. Never in a million years would Washington D.C. feminist groups have said “we need more girls in the music industry selling albums using sex appeal and dirty lyrics”. Yet that’s what Lady Gaga is and she’s beating all the men. Even better, she’s her own woman, is strong, and is not a sellout:

Miley Cyrus is another example. Just like men who have done whatever the hell they want, she’s being her own woman. She’s not trying to please anyone, including men. It seems backwards, but I think these women can be great models for the next generation. They send the right message. The message isn’t

“Things are unfair and you’re disadvantaged, but we’re working on it and you’ll have a law to help you soon.”

Instead, organically, these women are sending a real message of power:

“Go ahead, go ski the craziest backcountry lines in Alaska if you want. Wear nothing and ride a wrecking ball. Do whatever you want because you’re you and you should continuing being you, wherever that brings you.”

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