The Plain Truth of Legalizing Drugs

Recently I found this image and felt that it perfectly articulated why legalizing drugs makes me nervous:


That, right there, is my problem. That legalizing weed is just going to create more stoners. I believe in a small government that doesn’t tell people how to live their lives. If people want to be stoners, that’s their choice.

It becomes a conflict of public interest only because unproductive people often criticize the rich for their success and demand higher taxes and more handouts. There’s no sense of personal responsibility.

While billions of people on Earth work hard for barely any money, drug users want to drink, smoke, party, be social, or just chill. But, they also want to have the same luxuries as wealthier Americans. That’s infuriating.

I’m starting to become less surprised by the fact that comedies like South Park provide the clearest commentary on issues I care about. For more South Park insights read South Park: Season 19.



3 responses to “The Plain Truth of Legalizing Drugs

  1. If that statement is not racist,then it’s ‘druggist’. Lol. There are plenty of people who do all sorts of drugs and are productive as well as rich. Are we going back to ReferMaddness? I know plenty of people who drink who don’t do anything to enrich themselves. Do we go back to prohibition? We have to stop the blaming on drugs. It’s more than that.


    • So in your opinion, drugs have no effect on productivity? I didn’t suggest making drugs or alcohol illegal. I like small governments so I’m more pro-legalization than not but with the caveat that there’s a possible pitfall in doing so. Time will tell. Also, how could this post possibly be racist?


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