Charity: A Long Ways To Go

The late 90s and early 2000s were the PC era. Then Apple took over but PC is more alive than ever. Except before it stood for personal computer and now it stands for politically correct. I see it as sometimes progressive and sometimes wildly stupid. The one constant though, is that it’s quite literally ‘all talk’.

PC is about not saying the wrong thing and if you do, you’ll be disgraced as a fill in the blank (bigot? sexist? racist?). But in an era obsessed with being informed and respectful, PCs don’t go far beyond changing how they talk. It strikes me that the best example of this is AmazonSmile.

Amazon is part of life in the US. Many people use it monthly. I used to use it weekly. I had altogether stopped going to stores unless my intention was to kick tires. Amazon’s annual revenue is around 25 billion.

AmazonSmile is the exact same site, except a different address. If you shop there instead, Amazon gives .5% of revenue from your purchases to the charity that you choose. There are no restrictions. You pay the same price. Yet, I don’t know anyone who uses Amazon Smile.

So this is why I titled the article “Charity: A Long Ways to Go”. If most people haven’t started using Amazon Smile to give money to charity that they’re already going to spend, what hope does charity have?

This is why PC is BS. It’s a social status thing, not a “change the world” thing. I’m obviously not against the pursuit of equality, but I’m aware that actions speak louder than words so it strikes me as odd that if I called an overweight person fat, a PC person might give me shit. But if I use Amazon instead of AmazonSmile, no one cares. It’s lunacy. If pressured into using better spending habits instead of better words, suddenly I could be literally helping fund research on diabetes and heart disease.

Anyhow, do your last minute Christmas shopping on AmazonSmile because no one cares, but it makes a difference.



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