Underweight Models Now Illegal

France has passed a law that requires fashion models to be a healthy weight. Models will be required to get their BMI checked. Models whose weight is too low for their height and age will not be allowed to model.

I’m a small government guy but this law did make me smile. It always drives me nuts that girls think they need to be so thin. But, still, I’ve decided I dislike the law.

My main conflict is that it doesn’t make it illegal to be too fat. Certainly it’s true that most models aren’t overweight but, nonetheless, it’s not a health law if it doesn’t have a minimum AND maximum BMI.

I think feminists are generally pissy about models being too thin. I get it, I don’t want the young woman in my family to have body image issues either. But I’d still leave it up to the parents, schools, etc.

It would be a lot easier to like big government if big governments didn’t seem so incompetent. If you’re going to pass a law restricting models from being unhealthy, do it right. I don’t think many French woman are starving to death and I’m sure more die from heart disease and other illnesses related to being overweight.

Article on the law:


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