What I Want From My Life

I want to make a fortune and barely buy a thing. I want the fortune to prove I can make it. I want the success so I know I can do it. Then, once I know I am who I think I am, I want to become someone better.

My wife sent me this article on a couple that she knew I’d find interesting. This couple pretty much encapsulates what I view as being successful in life. The guy created an app, sold it for millions, and instead of buying stuff they sold everything then packed up and traveled the world. Most importantly, every month they do something philanthropic.


This is what I want, this is the life I’m chasing, to join the ranks of people changing what it means to be successful. The more I chase it, the more I feel I can never stop chasing it because anything less would be a person I can’t identify with. Hopefully, with time, more and more people will identify with this kind of success.

My app:



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