Logic Is Like Gravity, It Always Wins

If you’ve read P4C before, you might believe that I think most people are out of their minds. I do think that. A few hundreds years ago, everyone thought the Earth was at the center of the universe.  A few people were killed for suggesting it but eventually logic prevailed. Truth is a patient enemy which outlives its adversaries. However, today the Church has been replaced by new moral authorities who preach their unrealistic ideas and ask us to abandon logic. Yet, I can already see the truth’s gravity pulling the world in its direction. There is hope.

Oppressing Logic With “Moral” Causes

Today’s moral authority is represented by many local and national civil rights groups. They are constantly offended and demanding the American government pass laws to resolve injustice. And if the government won’t listen, social media will have to see and hear the message until society gives-in.

This week a new site came under fire. It’s called WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com and lots of people are pissed. How racist!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.22.49 PM

The hypocrisy of the “racism” knows no bounds. Black dating sites like BlackSingles.com have existed for years and no one cares. I would happily listen to an argument that race-oriented dating sites shouldn’t exist. I’d also happily listen to an argument that they should. If I had to vote, I’d vote for keeping all those dating sites all online because when you take them down, you change nothing. You don’t change people’s preference, you just take away their voice and liberty.

What I can’t stand is the double standard of saying the white dating site is racist and the black one isn’t. The reality is that some people have partner preferences, case and point:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.34.22 PM

Searching For Sanity

My greatest source of hope when facing such hypocrisy is the success of the The Phillip DeFranco show. DeFranco is balanced and logical. He now has well over a million daily viewers:

I try to fill my life with people like DeFranco, who don’t care about anything except what’s logical.

The Losing Battle for Logic

Real freedom is a mentality that goes something like this:

“You do what you do, I’ll do what I do, and we’ll promise that we won’t harm each other.”

That’s the mentality of real freedom and it’s on the endangered species list.

Today freedom has less to do with liberty and more to do with democracy. Countries are considered “free”, regardless of how many freedoms the government takes away. That is considered acceptable because that loss of liberty was voted for by society. This artificial version of freedom exists in many countries all over the world. Most famous are the European countries like France and Sweden.

European governments tax more, justifying it by saying “we can be more socially responsible with this money than you can”. Some countries, like the UK and France, are hyper-sensitive to any offense and have been continuously revoking free choice.

For example, I wrote a blog post recently on France’s new law outlawing models that are too thin. French models that are too thin can no longer walk runways or be in advertisements.

People in countries like France die more from heart disease than anorexia, but of course the law didn’t make it illegal to be an overweight model. The law infringes on freedom and logic. The loss of choice would be more justifiable if it wasn’t biased against only thin models. The loss of choice would be more justifiable if it also addressed the more deadly problem of obesity.

The Morally Superior

Do you see the connection now between today’s morally authoritative groups and the Church campaigning against science hundreds of years ago? People supported the church, believing with complete confidence that they were in the moral right. In their campaign to be morally superior, they stopped looking for the truth.

The American Battle

Over time, America has been becoming more like Europe. Recently, America’s most intense fight over civil rights has been with feminists. I like Obama when it comes to some issues but when I listened to him, at the State of the Union address, call for gender pay-gap laws… that was a low point.

My view is that from an economic perspective American women are the second most privileged group in the world, behind American men. To suggest that women need a law in order to increase their way to that of men implies such weakness and incompetence that it’s an insult to women.

In my experience, companies care about profit. In fact, they care about it so deeply that it’s a fault. In pursuit of profits, many companies are willing to destroy nature or disregard ethics. Most companies will pollute the atmosphere, lobby for laws, and do virtually anything to show a bigger year over year increase in profits.

Once a person proves their value, companies don’t give a shit whether you’re male or female, black, blue, white, pink, or blue. If you can add value, they’ll pay you for it. If a woman in America can’t show her value then negotiate for her pay, she doesn’t deserve the same pay. If you want evidence of just how wrong Obama was, listen to this Freakanomics podcast. The guest speaker is a female economics professor from Harvard.

Culture Differences

Another common complaint is a lack of respect for culture differences. People think we need legal action to remedy racism and xenophobic tendencies. Of course, the complaint is made by people who “respect culture differences”.

Activists’ respect culture differences by saying:

“Don’t talk about another culture differences unless you think they’re great.”

But sometimes their message seems even more strict:

“Don’t talk about perceived culture differences, even if you think they are great! Ignore patterns. Patterns are racist!”

Here’s a stereotype that some would consider offensive:

“Hey, you’re Indian, you must be good with computers!”

I agree that the above comment is a bit naive, but it’s also harmless. Sure, you can find ways to take offense from it but sensitive people find ways to be offended by everything. The thing is, if you live in the US, most of the Indian people you meet work in IT. It’s a pattern. The comment above is just someone trying to make a judgement based on the patterns they’ve observed. Human’s have been thinking this way for millions of years. It doesn’t make a person evil.

Don’t factor culture differences into decisions. Why can’t you be progressive like us!? Look at how progressive we are! We’re eating kebabs, buying Moroccan rugs, and we even visited India on a guided tour organized by a five star hotel!!

And while you’re at it, don’t talk about gender either! Unless it’s to preach equality, hate men, or emphasize with the struggle of white women born in the richest country on Earth. Lord knows, they’ve had it hard.



Mankind has proved to be more at adept at understanding physical dilemmas than abstract ones. So here we are, in 2016 and we have wonderfully powerful phones and we fly from city to city on planes and have satellites in space and probes leaving the solar system. Yet, we have broken governments and inefficient company structures. It’s just easier to solve problems that involve physical things.

The wonderful thing I am starting to notice is that in the long run, I think truth wins. Sometimes there are years or decades or centuries of turmoil, but truth is like gravity. Of all the forces, gravity is the weakest. A mass the size of Earth has such a weak gravitational pull that you can momentarily break it simply by jumping. In that moment, it’s easy to think that gravity is a feeble force. It’s not. It is unwavering and far reaching.

The truth is real and has real benefits. Our society has thrived on science gradually overtaking stupidity. With time the scientific truths revealed to us a physical reality and that, in turn, brought about the industrial revolution and then a technical revolution.

Someday, after the gravity of truth has pulled on us for long enough, the world will change. When that happens, conversations around culture, race, gender, age, and life experience will all be allowed without fearing repercussions. Silence will be replaced by an exchange of ideas. Subjects long ignored will be researched. Fear and misunderstanding will be replaced by knowledge.

Equal opportunity will be embraced. However, so will differences. Data will help us navigate and enhance our pattern recognition. More efficient organizational structures will arise from understanding if a person’s age, gender, culture, or race is effects how that person learns, what they’re motivated to do, how best to manage them, and when they are best fit to lead. Each individual will leverage who they are to become the best that they can be. In the previous two revolutions, machines thrived at the hand of humans. Ahead lies a revolution where making will thrive due to the understanding of our humanity.


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