Amazing Insights From Woz’s AMA

Steve Wozniak did an “ask me anything” on reddit today. Given that I’m not an engineer, I wasn’t sure if I’d find it interesting. I planned to scan it and ended up reading the whole thing. Here are some cool quotes:

BannartheBeserker: Hi Steve! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I was lucky to be a good, top student, getting the math awards at my schools… When I was in college though, I was actually rather unfocused… All the way through school we had nothing about computers… So I stumbled into things by accident, and I’m very thankful for all those accidents. But I tended to get an idea in my head, and I’d just want to go off in that direction and do it. A focused student is someone who does all the right homework and gets all the right grades and they answer all the questions the same as somebody else that’s called smart, you know. And I don’t know, I always wanted to be in a different world, think differently. So I wasn’t all that focused.

sobernoob3: What do you consider the most difficult obstacle you’ve ever had to overcome?

I had an easy life. I was so good in math, science, electronics, computers, way ahead of the world, that I would never have to worry about a job. So, I didn’t even have obstacles of, how am I going to get a good job or do these things?

…in later times, well, I’ve had divorces. So I guess you could say those are obstacles in life that I regret. But sometimes you grow up with a geekish personality that isn’t really very social, and I dunno, you wind up in places you shouldn’t have been.

c20_h25_n3_O: What are your thoughts on the FBI/DOJ vs Apple ordeal at the moment?

So, I come from the side of personal liberties. But there are also other problems. Twice in my life I wrote things that could have been viruses. I threw away every bit of source code. I just got a chill inside. These are dangerous, dangerous things, and if some code gets written in an Apple product that lets people in, bad people are going to find their way to it, very likely.

MattBaster: What is Tim Cook doing right/wrong, in your opinion?

Tim Cook is acknowledging the employees of Apple and the customers of Apple as real people. He is continuing a strong tradition that Steve Jobs was known for of making good products that help people do things they want to do in their life…

…I worry a little bit about – I mean I love my Apple Watch, but – it’s taken us into a jewelry market where you’re going to buy a watch between $500 or $1100 based on how important you think you are as a person. The only difference is the band in all those watches. Twenty watches from $500 to $1100. The band’s the only difference? Well this isn’t the company that Apple was originally, or the company that really changed the world a lot.

Jwillsmithwearsaweave: What advice can you give a group of 20 somethings when it comes to perfecting a product and growing a company?

You have the right team. Hopefully you all have great skills. But you know, something more important than skills, more important than education is motivation. Wanting to do something. Having your own reason. And one of the things you should do is separate yourself off from the money.


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