About Me



I view people as remarkably similar. We spend too much time concentrating on how we’re unique. The most defining attributes we have are the basic, human traits. We’re similar to a point of astonishing predictability in behavior. I believe in judging people. Right or wrong, I size everyone up. Within 30 seconds I’ve usually decided whether I think a person is intelligent, dumb, full of shit, arrogant, humble,  or a tool. I’m convinced that genius is, contrary to popular belief, totally circumstantial. Savants are born but the genius that changes the world (Einstein, Jobs), that’s environment.


I get along with people on an individual basis but I think most people don’t try hard enough and that results in them being dumb. My view is that most people are mono-competent. They can design a micro-chip or do a company’s accounting, but they’re mediocre at everything else life demands of them.


I think we fail as a society. Government is and has been broken. Our education system is joke compared to what we’re capable of. Even our corporations fall short of their potential. We reward risk taking in financial markets but penalize it in corporate leadership. I think broken systems oppress individuals. They cause stagnation. And big systems, with lots of rules, reduce thinking. Overall, I think the system that we call society is very broken.


My resume says that I graduated with honors from the Whitemore School of Business, with minors in psychology and computer science. If I amount to anything though, it’s from non-academic influences. My education is from the giants of my life. My many amazing family members have been deep wells of information and inspiration. They are the contributors to who I am and how I think.



Writing has allowed me to think, examine, rethink, and rewrite my thoughts. In middle school I was obsessed with the idea of Arete, or well rounded excellence. I found strength in the Shackleton family motto of “Fortitudine Vincimus” which is latin for “through endurance we conquer.” Books like Redwall and Ender’s Game captured my imagination. Reading and writing has been an undeniable part of who I am.

“About me” complete.


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